Biology is the Science of Life

As biologists, faculty in the School of Biological Sciences investigate the underlying principles of nature and use their discoveries to bring about a better tomorrow. Their biological research will provide the solutions to many of today’s most difficult challenges, including global climate change, sustainability, food and energy production, and human health.

About Us

Research: Administration and Development serves faculty, postdocs, and graduate students within the School of Biological Sciences. Our centralized unit assists with developing and submitting grant proposals and managing grant awards according to sponsor requirements.
We assist with complex proposals, arrange reviews by technical experts, and match opportunities to faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.
The more we know about your research, the better we can help you navigate funding opportunities and submit competitive proposals.
The team supports infrastructure acquisition and helps to fund facilities that enable cutting-edge research.
We provide resources to help with the development of successful proposals.
bag of money with coins around it.
We help researchers manage their grant awards according to sponsor award obligations.

Funding Fuels our Research

Faculty with UCI’s School of Biological Sciences have significantly increased the amount of research funding received from federal agencies, foundations, charities, industry and other sponsors over the past 5 fiscal years.

Facts & Figures

Research Funding and Capacity
School of Biological Sciences
Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Facts & Figures

Research Funding and Capacity
School of Biological Sciences
Fiscal Year 2019-2020

This information about the School of Biological Sciences’ research funding covers the fiscal year from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

Award total cost bar chart

$80 Million

Faculty with the School of Biological Sciences received $80 million in external research funding during FY 2019.

16% Increase

BioSci faculty brought in 16.25% more funding in research awards during FY 2019 compared to the previous fiscal year.

73 New Awards

BioSci faculty are listed as lead Principal Investigator on 73 new awards and sub-awards with start dates in FY 2019.