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UCI’s Office of Academic Planning supports initiatives that apply innovative research, teaching and engagement across disciplinary boundaries to solve grand challenges. The Charlie Dunlop School of Biological Sciences has played a significant role in starting several of these initiatives and turning them into established centers and programs at UCI.

Exercise Medicine and Sport Sciences Initiative

The initiative promotes scholarly activities and discoveries in all fields associated with movement, including exercise and sport sciences, exercise medicine and rehabilitation.

UC Irvine Education Research Initiative

A multidisciplinary community of people who care about improving the educational experiences of our students, particularly underrepresented minorities, first-generation, and low income students.

UC Irvine Brain Initiative (UC Irvine Brain)

UC Irvine Brain aims to advance brain science and education through four cross-cutting themes: the healthy brain, the computation brain, the social brain, and the artistic brain.

UC Irvine Microbiome Initiative

The initiative seeks to create cross-disciplinary collaboration to better understand microorganisms in our bodies, soil, and oceans that are essential to human and environmental health.

UC Irvine Oceans

UC Irvine Oceans tackles pressing marine and on-shore environmental concerns by pursuing ocean research at both global and local scales and providing educational opportunities.

UC Irvine Sustainability

Integrative solutions for critical challenges facing society while addressing social, cultural, and economic needs and protecting the beauty and resources of the natural world.

Water UCI

Water UC Irvine facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration around questions of fundamental and applied water science, technology, management, and policy.