Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

Funding is available for BioSci faculty and researchers through various on-campus entities and from the School of Biological Sciences.

BioSci releases the following calls for proposals annually.

External Funding

To get grants, you need to know what opportunities are available. Information about funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are available at several locations.

  • Office of Research provides links to various resources.
  • has a Search Grants tab that lists the federal government’s open funding opportunities.
  • PIVOT is a funding database that lists open calls for proposals.

2018–2019 Awards (updated quarterly)

Below is a list of new and renewal awards with start dates during FY 2018-2019. It will be updated periodically.

PI Co-Investigators or Fellowship Recipient Title Department Sponsor
Blumberg, Bruce Generation Of Novel, Integrated and Internationally Harmonised Approaches for Testing DevCell European Union
Blurton-Jones, Mathew A Kinase-directed phenotypic screen of human microglial cells NBB Array Biopharma Inc.
Boiko, Alexander N/A Tracing Tumor Heterogeneity in Squamous Cell Carcinoma MB&B UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Bowler, Peter A. UCI Arboretum and Herbarium (IRVC) EBB Orange County Community Fdn
Bowler, Peter A. N/A Digitization TCN: Collaborative Research: Capturing California’s Flowers: using digital images to investigate phenological change in a biodiversity hotspot EBB NSF BIO DBI
Campbell, Diane Norman Wickett (Chicago Botanic Garden), Warren Wagner (National Tropical Botanical Garden), Michael Moore (Oberlin College) Collaborative Research: Unlocking the evolutionary history of Schiedea (carnation family, Caryophyllaceae): rapid radiation of an endemic plant genus in the Hawaiian Islands EEB NSF BIO DEB
Cho, Ken Interplay of maternal transcription factors in endoderm specification DevCell NSF
Cinquin, Olivier N/A Cell-free DNA damage to detect tumors and DNA repair defects DevCell UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Cotman, Carl Marcelo Wood Epigenetic suppression of histone methylation reverses age and AD-related cognitive decline NBB NIH NIA (RF1)
Cotman, Carl California Alzheimer’s Disease Center of UC Irvine NBB State of CA – H&W Public Health, Dept of (CDPH)
Fruman, David Control of B cell survival and transformation by the eIF4F translation initiation complex MB&B American Society of Hematology
Fruman, David Effects of novel mTORC1-selective inhibitors on T cell function MB&B Navitor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Gandhi, Sunil P. N/A Investigating Circuit Mechanisms and Brain-wide Connectivity Deficits in a Mouse Model of Amblyopia NBB Knights Templar Eye Fdn Inc
Gandhi, Sunil P. Ricardo Azevedo (Fellowship) Contributions of interhemispheric signaling to visual system processing and development NBB NIH NEI (F30)
Glabe, Charles N/A Conformational polymorphisms of amyloid in AD and immunological biomarkers and therapeutics MB&B NIH NIA (R01)
Green, Kim Elizabeth Spangenberg Role of microglia in plaque homeostasis in AD NBB NIH NIA (F31)
Green, Kim N/A Microglia are necessary for cortical plaque formation in Alzheimer’s disease NBB NIH NIA (RF1)
Green, Michael T. N/A Thermodynamic, Electronic, Structural, and Kinetic Characterizations of Cytochrome P450 Compounds I & II MB&B NIH NIGMS (R01)
Inlay, Matthew N/A Identifying the precursor to hematopoietic stem cells in the mouse embryo and improving its engraftment upon transplantation MB&B NIH NCI (R21)
Kong, Mei Eric Hanse (Fellowship) A Tumor Suppressor Role for PP2A Via Inhibition of Wnt Signaling MB&B American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lodoen, Melissa Regulation of Thrombosis During Vascular Infection MB&B American Heart Association
Lur, Gyorgy N/A Feed-forward – feed-back integration in cognitive circuits NBB Whitehall Foundation
Martiny, Adam Natalia Komarova, Francois Primeau, Simon Levin Convergence: RAISE: Linking the Adaptive Dynamics of Plankton with Emergent Global Ocean Biochemistry EEB NSF GEO OCE
Martiny, Jennifer B. H. Ana Elena Escalante Hernández (Instituto de Ecolígia, UNAM) Functional significance of microbial diversity in arid soils: biological soil crusts and Nitrogen fixation as study model EEB UC MEXUS
Metherate, Raju N/A Nicotinic enhancement of auditory-cognitive processing NBB NIH NIDCD (R01)
Nie, Qing Xing Dai, Maksim V. Plikus Multiscale Models of Wound Cell Plasticity for Regeneration DevCell NIH NIAMS (U01)
Nie, Qing Arthur Lander, John Lowengrub, Xing Dai, Jun Allard NSF-Simons Center for Multiscale Cell Fate Research DevCell NSF MPS DMS and Simons Foundation
Parsons, Michael N/A Characterizing the Role of Pancreatic Progenitors in Regeneration DevCell NIH NIDDK (R01)
Pedersen, Irene N/A miR regulation of the neurovasculature function in health and disease MB&B NIH NINDS (R01)
Sato, Brian Kimberly Tanner, Stanley Lo, Di Xu, Kameryn Denaro Examining the Roles of STEM Teaching Faculty in Advancing the Use of Evidence-based Teaching Practices at Research Universities MB&B NSF EHR DUE
Suetterlin, Christine N/A Centrosome abnormalities, Chlamydia and HPV DevCell UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Swarup, Vivek N/A A functional genomics approach to identify neuronal and glial regulators of neurodegeneration NBB American Federation Aging Research
Tenner, Andrea Seyed Ali Mortazavi Defining the Mechanistic Link between C5aR1 signaling and cognitive loss in Alzheimer’s diseases MB&B NIH NIA (R01)
Tenner, Andrea N/A Modulating Polarization of Glial Cells in AD mouse models by a Complement Receptor Antagonist MB&B NIH NIA (R21)
Thompson, Leslie N/A An hESC-derived hNSC Therapeutic for Huntington’s Disease NBB California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Thompson, Leslie M. Peter J. Donovan Training Program in Stem Cell Translational Medicine for Neurological Disorders NBB; Psychiatry and Human Behavior NIH NINDS (T32)
Tinoco, Roberto N/A Targeting PSGL-1 inhibitory pathways to promote anti-tumor T cell immunity MB&B Melanoma Research Alliance
Tinoco, Roberto N/A PSGL-1 mechanisms of T cell exhaustion MB&B NIH NIAID (R01)
Walsh, Craig N/A Regulation of T cell metabolism by DRAK2 MB&B NIH NIAID (R01)
Wang, Wenqi N/A Novel regulations of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway DevCell American Cancer Society
Wang, Wenqi N/A Investigate the Hippo pathway in stress response and cancer DevCell UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Wodarz, Dominik Natalia Komarova Hybrid deterministic-stochastic methodology for simulating spatial evolution in large populatioons EEB NSF MPS DMS
Wunderlich, Zeba B N/A Mechanisms of shadow enhancer robustness during development DevCell NIH NICHD (R01)
Yassa, Michael Weiwei Zhang (PI) A Neurocognitive Mechanism for Precision of Visual Working Memory Representations NBB NIH NIMH (R01; subcontract from UC Riverside)

2017–2018 Awards

The School of Biological Sciences received the following new and renewal awards with start dates during FY 2017-2018.

PI Co-Investigators or Fellowship Recipient Title Department Sponsor
Allison, Steven D. Michael Goulden; Diane Campbell; Efi Foufoula-Georgiou; Kristen Davis NRT: A training incubator for addressing urban environmental change from Ridge to Reef (R2R) EEB NSF EHR DGE
Allison, Steven D. N/A Collaborative Research: NSFDEB-NERC: Tropical deadwood carbon fluxes: Improving carbon models by incorporating termites and microbes EEB NSF BIO DEB
Allison, Steven D. PI Emma Jane Sayer ForestPrime – Predicting carbon release from forest soils through priming effects: a new approach to reconcile results across multiple scales EEB European Research Council (subcontract from Lancaster University)
Atwood, Scott N/A Recurrent GLI mutations in drug-resistant skin cancer DevCell UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Blumberg, Bruce Riann Egusquiza (Fellowship) Exposure to PCB-153 induces oxidative stress during SXR loss-of-function resulting in anemia and tumor development DevCell Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Assn of America Fdn
Blumberg, Bruce PI Nicole Isolde Zur Nieden microRNA tuning of neural crest fate DevCell NIH NIDCR (subcontract from UC Riverside)
Blurton-Jones, Mathew Mark N/A Examining the role of adaptive immunity in Alzheimer’s Disease pathogenesis NBB NIH NIA (RF1)
Blurton-Jones, Mathew Mark N/A Manipulating DNA repair enzymes to examine the interactions between aging and Alzheimers disease with iPSC-derived microglia NBB NIH NIA (R01)
Bracken, Matthew E Adam Martiny Collaborative Research: Context-dependency of top-down vs. bottom-up effects of herbivores on marine primary producers EEB NSF GEO OCE
Busciglio, Jorge A A. Claudio Cuello; Juan Fortea; Thomas M. Wisniewski The Role of Inflammation and NGF Dysfunction in the Evolution of Alzheimer Disease Pathology in Down syndrome NBB NIH NIA (R01)
Cho, Ken W.Y. N/A Mechanisms of Foxh1 pioneer factor action during mesendoderm development DevCell NIH NIGMS (R01)
Cho, Ken W.Y. Michelle Digman Assessment of the phasor Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) Approach in an animal model DevCell NIH NICHD (R21)
Emerson, J.J. N/A Structural variation, population size, and the evolution of genome complexity EEB NIH NIGMS (R01)
Fowler, Christie D. N/A Adolescent Nicotine and Cannabinoid Exposure on Nicotine Dependence NBB UC Tobacco Related Disease Research Program
Fruman, David A. N/A The Public Policy Prep Program at University of California, Irvine MB&B Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Fruman, David A. Testing constrained rapamycin analogs in lymphocytes MB&B Pfizer Inc
Gandhi, Sunil P. Xiaoting Zhen (Fellowship) The cell-type specific role of NRG1/ErbB4 signaling in transplant-reactivated cortical plasticity NBB NIH NEI (F31)
Gandhi, Sunil P. Figueroa Velez (Fellowship) Dissecting the circuits that support high acuity spatial vision NBB NIH NEI (F31)
Gandhi, Sunil P. N/A Exploring Neural Mechanisms of Visual Acuity Loss in a Mouse Model of Amblyopia NBB Knights Templar Eye Fdn Inc
Gaut, Brandon N/A Evolutionary interactions between plant genomes and transposable elements EEB NSF BIO DEB
Gaut, Brandon Dario Cantu; M. Andrew Walker RESEARCH-PGR: Phenotypic and Genomic Diversity of North American Vitis EEB NSF BIO IOS
German, Donovan P N/A Diet specialization and population genetic structure in the Senorita wrasse (Oxyjulis californica) as a source for understanding trophic adaptation in marine communities EEB UC Mexus
Glabe, Charles N/A Conformational polymorphisms of amyloid in AD and immunological biomarkers and therapeutics MB&B NIH NIA (R56)
Glabe, Charles Validation of endogenous human antibodies that are correlated with avoiding Alzheimer’s disease and their corresponding antigens, for immunotherapeutic development MB&B Alzheimer’s Disease Research Fdn. (Incl. Cure Alzheimer’s Fund)
Goulding, Celia N/A Repurposing a toxin-immunity pair to selectively kill cancer MB&B UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Hu, Yilin N/A CAREER: CO2 activation by nitrogenase Fe proteins MB&B NSF MPS CHE
Hughes, Christopher C. N/A Microphysiological systems to model vascular malformations MB&B NIH NHLBI (UG3)
Roper, Michael Gabriel Christopher C. Hughes; Ryan J. White Modular monitoring of hormone release from human islets MB&B NIH NIDDK (UC4; subcontract from Florida State Univ)
Hughes, Christopher C. N/A Training Program in Cardiovascular Applied Research and Entrepreneurship MB&B NIH NHLBI (T32)
Inlay, Matthew N/A Distinguishing the roles of microglia and infiltrating monocytes in beta-amyloid plaque formation and neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease in mouse models and human patient samples MB&B NIH NINDS (R03)
James, Anthony A Safely engineering various classes of gene drives to control a major invasive disease vector Ae. Aegypti MB&B; Microbiology and Molecular Genetics DoD DAPRA (subcontract from UC Riverside)
James, Anthony A Multidimensional Chemogenic Control of CRISPR-based Gene Drives MB&B; Microbiology and Molecular Genetics DoD DARPA (subcontract from Broad Institute)
Kawas, Claudia Helen A Clinico-Pathological Study of the Correspondence Between 18F-AV-1451 PET Imaging and Post-Mortem Assessment of Tau Pathology. NBB Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, Inc.
Kawas, Claudia Helen Apolipoprotein E2 and brain aging NBB Pacific Health Research and Education Institution
LaFerla, Frank M Andrea J. Tenner UC Irvine AD Translational Center for Disease Model Resources NBB NIH NIA (U54)
McNaughton, Bruce Leslie Hippocampal indexing and cortical hierarchies: the drivers of quasi-continuous learning NBB DoD DARPA
Messaoudi Powers, Ilhem N/A Comprehensive Profiling of Extracellular RNA Biomarkers of Alcohol Consumption MB&B NIH NIAAA (R21)
Mooney, Kailen A Applying next generation sequencing techniques to create drought-adapted native plant communities EEB Kay Family Foundation (subcontract from Chapman University)
Ranz Navalpotro, Jose Mari N/A Generation of a de novo genome assembly and gene annotation for the monarch butterfly EEB UC Mexus
Razorenova, Olga N/A Targeting Rho/ROCK pathway for treatment of VHL-deficient CC-RCC tumors MB&B American Cancer Society
Ribbe, Markus Yilin Hu Tuning hydrocarbon formation by vanadium nitrogenase via a hybrid approach MB&B DOE
Schilling, Thomas F. Daniel Dranow (Fellowship) Roles of Cell Polarity and Cilia in Cartilage Patterning in the Craniofacial Skeleton DevCell NIH NIDCR (F32)
Schilling, Thomas F. N/A Role and Regulation of Cellular Polarity in Craniofacial Skeletogenesisn DevCell NIH NIDCR (R01)
Sorte, Cascade J Mathew Bracken Collaborative Research: Effects of multiple aspects of climate change on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning EEB NSF GEO OCE
Stark, Craig E. L. N/A Videogame-based environmental enrichment training for altercations in hippocampal function and memory in middle-aged adults NBB NIH NIA (R21)
Sumikawa, Katumi N/A Maternal nicotine exposure and memory impairments in offspring NBB NIH NIDA (R01)
Thompson, Leslie M N/A Stem Cells for Huntington’s Disease International Conference NBB; Psychiatry and Human Behavior California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Thompson, Leslie M Sarah Hernandez (Fellowship) Investigation of extracellular matrix expression and function in Huntington’s disease induced pluripotent stem cell-derived striatal neurons NBB; Psychiatry and Human Behavior Huntingtons Disease Society of America
Thompson, Leslie M Charlene Geater (Fellowship) PIAS1 network in HD induced pluripotent stem cells NBB; Psychiatry and Human Behavior Hereditary Disease Fdn
Thompson, Leslie M Preclinical development enabling activities for CNS10-NPCs in HD mice NBB; Psychiatry and Human Behavior Huntington Study Group, LTD
Thompson, Leslie M Assessment of WGS-derived genetic modifiers in differentiated HD-derived iPSCs NBB; Psychiatry and Human Behavior Hereditary Disease Fdn
Tsai, Shiou-Chuan Christopher D. Vanderwal Probing and Engineering of Iterative Polyketide Synthase MB&B NIH NIGMS (R01)
Wang, Wenqi N/A Lipid signaling in Hippo pathway regulation DevCell NIH NIGMS (R01)
Wood, Marcelo A Alberto Lopez (Fellowship) Role of a medial habenula circuit and Nr4a2 in regulating cocaine action during reinstatement NBB NIH NINDS (F99)
Wood, Marcelo A Yasaman Alaghband (Fellowship) CREST: the calcium-responsive transcriptional activator that links key epigenetic mechanisms underlying cocaine-associated memories NBB NIH NIDA (F32)
Yassa, Michael A. N/A International Conference on Learning and Memory NBB NIH NINDS (R13)
Yassa, Michael A. Daniel L. Gillen Neuroimaging biomarkers for cognitive decline in elderly with amyloid pathology NBB NIH NIA (R01)