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Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

Funding is available for BioSci faculty and researchers through various on-campus entities and from the School of Biological Sciences.

BioSci releases the following calls for proposals annually.

Past Calls

External Funding

To get grants, you need to know what opportunities are available. Information about funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are available at several locations.

    • has a Search Grants tab that lists the federal government’s open funding opportunities.

    • PIVOT is a funding database that lists open calls for proposals.

    • Research Bulletin is a BioSci email bulletin that has links to current and upcoming funding opportunities. To subscribe, sign up here. Submit details about seminars and other research-related events on campus here. Submit funding opportunity announcements here.

2023-2024 Awards

( Updated quarterly )

PIFellowship Recipient (if applicable)TitleDepartmentSponsor
Allison, StevenCommunity-engaged research to manage fire and water in California landscapesEEBUniversity of California Office of the President
Allison, StevenCarbon Loss In Plants, Soils and Oceans Project (CALIPSO)EEBSchmidt Futures Virtual Earth System Research Institute subaward from the University of Exeter
Allison, StevenAdvancing Community Engaged in Climate Action Research - SupplementEEBUniversity of California Office of the President
Blurton-Jones, MathewPreclinical examination of iPS-microglia transplantation for neurological disordersNBBNovoglia LLC
Blurton-Jones, MathewTumor susceptibility gene 101, a new microglial therapy candidate for Alzheimers disease to prevent cognitive declineNBBNational Institute on Aging RF1 subaward from the Mayo Clinic
Bowler, PeterRescue of the Robert De Ruff Vascular Plant Collection of Upper Newport Bay, Orange County, CaliforniaEEBCalifornia Institute for Biodiversity
Briscoe, AdrianaRGP005/2023 Physics goes wild: studying the evolution of iridescence and its perception in Amazonian butterfliesEEBInternational Human Frontier Science Program Organization
Cramer, KarinaNon-apoptotic functions of caspase-3 in neural developmentNBBNational Institute on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders R56
Edinger, Aimee LaraDefining the role of macropinocytosis in the tumor-immune microenvironmentDCBAmerican Cancer Society
Edinger, Aimee LaraDefining the role of macropinocytosis in the tumor-immune microenvironmentDCBAmerican Cancer Society
Fortin, NorbertCollaborative Research: NCS-FR: DEJA-VU: Design of Joint 3D Solid-State Learning Machines for Various Cognitive Use-CasesNBBNational Science Foundation
Fowler, ChristieDiscovery and development of GPR3 agonists for nicotine cessationNBBNational Institute on Drug Abuse R01 subaward from Research Triangle Institute
Glabe, CharlesEndogenous Human Antibodies Associated with Alzheimers DiseaseMBBAlzheimer's Disease Research Foundation
Green, KimBarahona, RocioDefining the role of perineuronal nets in Alzheimer's Disease pathologyNBBNational Institute on Aging F31
Green, KimTran, KristineDetermining the mechanisms of the protective APOE3ch variant on Alzheimer's Disease pathologiesNBBNational Institute on Aging
Grill, JoshuaInvestigating Mild Behavior ImpairmentNBBThe Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation
Grill, JoshuaCalifornia Alzheimers Disease Center of UC IrvineNBBCalifornia Department of Public Health
Halbrook, ChristopherTargeting Metabolic Heterogeneity in Pancreatic CancerMBBAmerican Pancreatic Association Inc.
Halbrook, ChristopherTargeting Metabolic Vulnerabilities of Chemoresistant Pancreatic CancerMBBUniversity of California Office of the President
Halbrook, ChristopherTargeting Liver Metastatic Pancreatic CancerMBBTower Cancer Research Foundation
Kimball, SarahAdditional Tasks for Ecological Health AssessmentEEBNatural Communities Coalition
Kong, MeiRole of metabolic microenvironment in cancer metastasisMBBAmerican Cancer Society
Kvon, EvgenyBower, GraceCharacterizing a mechanism of enhancer-promoter interaction in vivoDCBNational Institute of Child Health & Human Development F31
Lane, ThomasUse of MODEL-AD mice to assess effect of coronavirus infection on pathologyNBBAlzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association, Inc.
Lara Gonzalez, PabloDevelopmental regulation of the cell cycle machineryDCBNational Institute of General Medical Science R35
McHenry, MatthewNSF-BSF: The Evolution of Hydrodynamics, Mechanics, & Prey Capture in the Feeding of Misfit FishEEBNational Science Foundation
Morrissette, NaomiBiochemical and Genetic Characterization of Tubulin-Targeting HerbicidesMBBSubaward from UC Berkeley
Razorenova, OlgaCDK9 inhibitor for treatment of VHL-deficient kidney cancerMBBElsa U. Pardee Foundation
Rebolleda-Gomez, MariaDirected evolution of 3D printed microbial communitiesEEBNational Science Foundation
Swarup, VivekSpatial mapping of vulnerable cell types in Alzheimer disease mouse modelsNBBNational Institutes of Health R01 subaward from Stanford University
Tenner, AndreaEffect of brain-penetrant anti-C5aR1 antibodies on disease progression in a mouse model of Alzheimer's DiseaseNBBVisterra, Inc.
Thompson, LeslieDissecting Key Interactions of the HTT Transcription Coupled Repair ComplexNBBHereditary Disease Foundation
Thompson, LeslieIdentify disease targets and perturbagens that modulate XDP-disease phenotypes with robotic microscopy, deep learning and OMICS in human in vitro XDP cell modelsNBBThe General Hospital Corporation
Thompson, Leslie2024 UC Irvine Neurodegeneration Community WorkshopsNBBSilicon Valley Community Foundation
Thompson, LeslieAnswer ALS: Transcriptomic Data GenerationNBBAnswer ALS
Tinoco, RobertoIntravital imaging of melanoma tumors for mechanism discovery and patient surveillance after checkpoint blockade immunotherapyMBBUS Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity
Treseder, KathleenORCC: Do multi-species biofilms accelerate microbial evolution under extreme warming?EEBNational Science Foundation
Wood, MarceloRodriguez, AlyssaInvestigating HDAC3 phosphorylation as an epigenetic regulator of memory formation in the adult and aging brainNBBNational Institute on Aging F31