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Funding is available for BioSci faculty and researchers through various on-campus entities and from the School of Biological Sciences.

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2022-2023 Awards (updated quarterly)

PI Co-investigators or Fellowship recipient Title Department Sponsor
Bracken, Matthew NSFGEO-NERC: Linking species traits to marine ecosystem functioning EEB NSF GEO OCE
Briscoe, Adriana Dang, Andy Characterizing the molecular basis of red-green color vision in Heliconius butterflies using confocal microscopy EEB American Microscopial Society
Cocco, Melanie NMR and biophysical studies of Hb with various compounds that affect polymerization MBB Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc
Fowler, Christie Cannabidiol as a therapeutic approach for tobacco and nicotine cessation NBB UC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Fowler, Christie Therapeutic development of GATC compounds for opioid addiction NBB Gatc Health Corp
Fowler, Christie Interaction of Stress and Nicotinic Receptor Allosteric Modulation in Nicotine Seeking and Cessation NBB UC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Gandhi, Sunil Nakayama, Taylor The role of Calbindin in developmental and transplant-reactivated cortical plasticity NBB NIH NEI F31
Gaut, Brandon Molecular Evolution of Plant Genomes EEB Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
Goulding, Celia Function of novel antibacterial toxins MBB NIH NIGMS Multiple Campus Award with UC Santa Barbara
Grill, Joshua Recruiting multiethnic populations to preclinical Alzheimers disease trials NBB NIH NIA R21
Lane, Thomas Green, Kim Neuroimmunology Training Program at the University of California, Irvine NBB NIH NINDS T32
Loudon, Catherine Using Entrapping Surfaces to Augment Non-chemical IPM Approaches to Bed Bug Control EEB California Department of Pesticide Regulation
Lur, Gyorgy Feedforward-feedback integration in the posterior parietal cortex NBB NIH NINDS R01
Mahler, Stephen Baram, Tallie; Fowler, Christie; Swarup, Vivek Dynamic epigenomic landscape of opioid abuse following early-life adversity NBB NIH NIDA U01
Martiny, Adam Garcia, Nathan Collaborative Research: Interactive physiological controls of trait expression, nutrient allocation, and the elemental stoichiometry of Synechococcus EEB NSF BIO IOS
Mota-Bravo, Luis Bridges to the Doctorate Program at Cal State LA BioSci Minority Programs NIH NIGMS T32 subcontract with Cal State Los Angeles
Nicholas, Dequina Lipid Antigen Presentation as a Driver of T2D Inflammation MBB NIH NIAID DP2
Sumikawa, Katumi Identifying a primary motivator of continued tobacco use in the schizophrenia population NBB UC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Walsh, Craig Personalized therapeutic cancer vaccines to effectively mobilize antitumor T-cell immunity in esophageal cancer MBB NIH NCI N43 sub with Immunotarget Therapeutics, Inc
Wang, Wenqi Warrior, Rahul Interplay of heavy metal homeostasis and cell growth-related signaling networks DevCell NIH NIGMS R21
Wood, Marcelo Chinn, Carlene Gilz, an X-chromosome linked gene, as a possible molecular mechanism underlying fear memory processes and stress-induced relapse-like behavior. NBB Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Wood, Marcelo Downing, Timothy Development of an epigenetic clock that predicts age-impaired or age-unimpaired cognitive performance NBB NIH NIA R21
Yassa, Michael Mander, Bryce Circuit-specific tau burden and mechanisms of sleep-dependent memory processing in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease NBB NIH NIA R21



2021-2022 Awards (updated quarterly)

PI Co-investigators or Fellowship recipient Title Department Sponsor
Allison, Steven Collaborative Research: NSFDEB-NERC: Tropical deadwood carbon fluxes: Improving carbon models by incorporating termites and microbes EEB NSF REPS supplement
Allison, Steven Vela Diaz, Dilys Planning Grant: Workshops to Build Capacity for Biological Field Research in Southern California Ecosystems EEB NSF BIO DBI
Atwood, Scott Nie, Qing RECODE: Functional characterization of human skin organoids DCB NSF ENG CBET
Atwood, Scott Tumors on a Knife's Edge: Modulating Cancer Cell Fate in the Skin DCB American Cancer Society
Azizi, Eman Force generation and sensation in rapid plant movement EEB International Human Frontier Science Program Organization
Blurton-Jones, Mathew Examining the use of microglia to deliver therapeutic genes to the brain NBB Novoglia LLC
Blurton-Jones, Mathew Cell therapeutic platform for the treatment of neurodegenerative microgliopathies NBB NIH NINDS R43 with Novoglia LLC
Blurton-Jones, Mathew Transplantation of genetically corrected iPSC-microglia for the treatment of Sanfilippo Syndrome NBB CIRM Quest-Discovery Stage Research Projects
Blurton-Jones, Mathew With Novoglia, LLC Enhancing the engraftment of microglia for the treatment of neurological disease NBB NIH NINDS R43
Bowler, Peter With the Marisla Foundation UCI Herbarium (IRVC) EEB Orange County Community Foundation
Briscoe, Adriana Mechanisms of Color Vision: Genomics, Physiology and Behavior EEB NSF REPS supplement
Chrastil, Elizabeth Navigational learning and memory: Cognitive graphs, active decision making, and brain network dynamics NBB NIH NINDS R01
Daley, Monica Schwaner, Marie Predicting muscle force during in vivo hopping and jumping in Kangaroo Rats EEB Graduate Women In Science Fellowship
Donovan, Peter CIRM Scholars Comprehensive Research Training Program DCB California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)
Edinger, Aimee Finicle, Brendan Targeting intracellular trafficking for cancer therapy DCB NIH NCI F99/K00
Eom, Dae Seok Signaling at a distance mediated by vesicles on novel cellular protrusions DCB NIH NIGMS R35
Gandhi, Sunil Wheeler, Damian (Translucence Biosystems) Rapid Evaluation of Neuronal Activity in the Intact Whole-Brain at Single Cell Resolution NBB NIH NIMH R44
German, Donovan Gut Microbes and Diet:Testing Phylosymbiosis in Closely-Related Prickleback Fishes with Different Diets EEB American Physiological Society
German, Donovan Developing tools for monitoring the impact of climate change on captive abalone reproduction and digestion EEB UC Sea Grant College Program (NOAA)
Gonen, Shane Breaking barriers in CryoEM through computational protein design MBB NIH NIGMS R35
Goulding, Celia Ulijasz, Andrew A novel family of conserved glyoxal toxicity response proteins MBB NIH NIGMS R01
Green, Kim Henningfield, Caden Selective targeting and treatment of plaque associated microglia in a mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease NBB NIH NIA F31
Grill, Joshua Head, Elizabeth Training in Translational ADRD Neuroscience (TITAN) NBB NIH NIA T32
Grill, Joshua Recruiting and retaining participants from disadvantaged neighborhoods in registries NBB NIH NIA R01
Halbrook, Christopher Using Patient-Derived Organoids to Target Chemoresistance in Pancreatic Cancer MBB Sky Foundation, Inc.
Halbrook, Christopher Overcoming Metabolic Heterogeneity to Target Pancreatic Cancer MBB V Foundation
James, Anthony Population modification of Anopheles for control of Pf transmission MBB Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kadandale, Pavan Solanki, Sabrina and Sato, Brian Assessing Peer Mentorship as a Scalable Intervention to Promote the Academic Success and Retention of Diverse Undergraduate Biology Majors MBB NSF EHR DUE
Kong, Mei Using dietary glutamine supplementation for melanoma prevention and targeted therapy MBB NIH NCI R01
LaFerla, Frank Deciphering the role of interleukin-18 as a driver of tau pathology in Alzheimers disease NBB NIH NIA R01
Lander, Arthur Leveraging single-cell transcriptomics to discover mechanisms of immune surveillance DCB UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Lee, Grace How transposable elements drive genome evolution through epigenetic mechanisms EEB NIH NIGMS R35
Martiny, Adam With University of Maryland (Cooperative Institute for Satellite Earth System Studies [CISESS]) CISESS: Bio-GO-SHIP - A global analysis of large-scale changes to ocean plankton systems EEB National Oceanographic Partnership Program
Martiny, Adam Hall, Edward Collaborative Research: The stoichiometric trait distribution of the marine microbiome EEB NSF GEO OCE
Martiny, Jennifer BEE: Testing a phylogenetic trait framework for soil microbiomes EEB NSF BIO DEB
Morrissette, Naomi GAANN Graduate Fellowships for Training in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry MBB U.S. DoEd GAANN
Parsons, Michael Tucker, Tori Uncovering the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Driving B-cell Neogenesis During Regeneration DCB NIH NIDDK F31
Plikus, Maksim Lipogenesis as a novel strategy for cartilage formation DCB W. M. Keck Foundation
Plikus, Maksim Nie, Qing Tissue size and precision control in growing hair follicles DCB NIH NIAMS R01
Plikus, Maksim Gardiner, David Blastema-independent Mechanism for Regeneration in Salamanders DCB NIH NIAMS R21
Ranz, Jose Dissecting the phenotypic and functional consequences of sexual selection on sperm competition through a species-specific multigene family EEB NSF BIO MCB
Ribbe, Marcus Hu, Yilin Light-driven activation of small molecules by nitrogenase hybrids MBB DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences
Sato, Brian Lo, Stanley (UCSD); Eroy-Reveles, Aura (UCSC); Buswell, Natascha (UCI); Wilton, Mike (UCSB) The AGEP University of California Alliance: A Model to Advance Equitable Hiring of Teaching-Focused Faculty in STEM MBB NSF EHR HRD
Sato, Brian POD Network in Higher Education Diversity, Equity and Inclusion MBB Professional and Organizational Development Network
Sato, Brian Solanki, Sabrina; White, Virginia; Morgado Flores, Pedro; and Baker, Rachel Conference Proposal: Two-Year/Four-Year Campus Research Communities Examining STEM Transfer Pathways MBB NSF EHR HRD
Sorte, Cascade Predicting impacts of coastal species redistribution in a changing climate EEB NSF GEO OCE
Sorte, Cascade Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need EEB U.S. DoEd GAANN
Stark, Craig The cognitive and neural bases of work learning in aging, stroke, and developmental language impairment NBB Johns Hopkins University
Sun, Sha Elucidating the molecular basis of lncRNA evolution for mammalian dosage compensation DCB NIH NIGMS R01
Tenner, Andrea Influence of C5a-C5aR1 signaling on synaptic pruning in Alzheimer's disease MBB The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation
Thompson, Leslie Integrated RM, cryoET and transcriptomics to characterize FTD derived i-neurons NBB Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Thompson, Leslie Subcellular RNA dynamics in HD NBB Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Wang, Wenqi Mechanistic Characterization of the Hippo Tumor Suppressor pathway in DNA Repair DCB American Cancer Society
Wood, Marcelo Jessica Childs Relapse to drug-seeking behavior is regulated by medial habenula NR4A2 in male and female mice NBB NIH NIDA F32
Wood, Marcelo Exercise opens a molecular memory window to facilitate changes in gene expression, synaptic plasticity and memory NBB Proteintech Group, Inc.
Wood, Marcelo Cotman, Carl Investigating the interface of epigenetics and metabolism underlying memory formation in the adult, aging, and AD brain NBB NIH NIA R01
Yassa, Michael Chappel-Farley, Miranda Neurobiological mechanisms of sleep and exercise effects on memory in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease NBB NIH NIA F31
Yassa, Michael Testing the role of tau pathology in disrupting hippocampal CA1 memory function in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease NBB NIH NIA R21
Yassa, Michael Guerra, Nancy The Brain Explorer Academy (BEA): An Informal Science Education Partnership NBB NIH NIGMS R25