Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

Funding is available for BioSci faculty and researchers through various on-campus entities and from the School of Biological Sciences.

BioSci releases the following calls for proposals annually.

External Funding

To get grants, you need to know what opportunities are available. Information about funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are available at several locations.

  • Office of Research provides links to various resources.
  • has a Search Grants tab that lists the federal government’s open funding opportunities.
  • PIVOT is a funding database that lists open calls for proposals.

2019-2020 Awards (updated quarterly)

The School of Biological Sciences received the following new and renewal awards with start dates during FY 2019-2020.

PICo-Investigators or Fellowship RecipientTitleDepartmentSponsor
Allison, SteveMichael Goulden, Adam Martiny, Jennifer Martiny, Kathleen Treseder, Eoin Brodie, and Ulas KaraozBiogeochemical consequences of microbial evolution under droughtEEBDepartment of Energy, Office of Science and Office of Basic Energy Sciences
Atwood, ScottN/AGLI activation in basal cell carcinomaDevCellAmerican Cancer Society
Bardwell, LeeNovel Links Between Wnt Signaling, Centrosomes, and CancerDevCellUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Blurton-Jones, MathewN/AConfirmation that VV compounds suppress alpha-synuclein-stimulated neurotoxic signaling in human microgliaNBBVivreon Biosciences, LLC
Campbell, DianeN/ALTREB: Evolutionary and demographic responses to climate in natural populationsEEBNSF BIO DEB
Edinger, AimeeN/AEnhancing oligonucleotide delivery to tumors and tissues by manipulating endolysosomal traffickingDevCellOno Pharma Foundation
Fowler, ChristieN/AEffects of Prenatal Nicotine and THC on Dopaminergic Function and Nicotine Intake During AdolescenceNBBUC Tobacco Related Disease Research Program
Fowler, ChristieN/ANicotinic Receptor Modulators Lynx1 and Lynx2 in Nicotine DependenceNBBUC Tobacco Related Disease Research Program
Fruman, DavidN/APreclinical optimization of statin/BH3 mimetic combinations in multiple myelomaMB&BLeukemia & Lymphoma Society
Gandhi, SunilMathew Blurton-Jones and Rob Spitale (mPI)A novel platform for the investigation of human microgliaNIH NIDA RF1
Gandhi, Sunil,Xiangmin XuReorganization of the Central Visual System by Inhibitory Neuron TransplantationNBBNIH NEI R01 (Supplement)
Gaut, BrandonJonas Aguirre (Fellowship)Combining micro-evolutionary processes, local adaptation, genomic load and niche models to understand how populations and species of grapes (Vitis) will respond to climate changeEEBUC Mexus Conacyt
Gershon, PaulN/AMolecular architecture of the Vaccinia virion by structural proteomicsMB&BNIH NIGMS R01
Green, KimJoshua Crapser (Fellowship)Investigating the Role of Microglia in Huntington’s DiseaseNBBNIH NINDS F31
LaFerla, FrankAndrea TennerUC Irvine AD Translational Center for Disease Model ResourcesNBBNIH NIA U54 (Instrumentation Supplements)
Lodoen, MelissaCelia Goulding and Jennifer MartinyT32 for Training in Microbiology and Infectious DiseasesMB&BNIH NIAID T32
Mahler, StephenMitchell Farrell (Fellowship)Ventral Pallidum GABA Circuits in Risky Decision MakingNBBNIH NIDA F31
Martiny, AdamNatalia Komarova, Francois Primeau, Simon LevinConvergence: RAISE: Linking the Adaptive Dynamics of Plankton with Emergent Global Ocean BiochemistryEEBNSF GEO OCE
Messaoudi Powers, IlhemN/ADysregulation of maternal immunity during pregnancy by pregravid obesityMB&BNIH NIAID R01
Messaoudi Powers, IlhemBritt Glaunsinger (PI)Gene regulation and antiviral functions of herpesvirus-induced noncoding retrotransposon RNAsMB&BNIH NIAID R21 (subaward from UC Berkeley)
Mota-Bravo, LuisDe La Cruz, Marlene (mPI)Broadening Research Achievement in Neurosciences (BRAiN) for a Diverse WorkforceDean’s OfficeNIH NINDS R25
Razorenova, OlgaN/ADefining the metastasis-initiating cancer stem cellsMB&BUC CA Breast Cancer Research Program
Ribbe, MarcusYilin HuMechanistic Investigation of CO activation by NitrogenaseMB&BNSF MPS CHE
Sato, BrianKristine Callis-Duehl, Stanley Lo, and Tara GiblinRCN-UBE: Creation of the Biology Educator/Researcher Cross-Segment CollectiveMB&BNSF BIO DBI
Sun, ShaDownregulation of XIST in Ovarian Cancer and Its MechanismsDevCellUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Thompson, LeslieN/APIAS1 intersecting with DNA repair, synaptic biology, bioenergetics and protein homeostasis in HD 2D and 3D human neuronsNBBHereditary Disease Foundation
Treseder, KathleenN/A,OPUS: CRS: Trade-offs among fungal traits that influence responses to the environment and effects on ecosystemsEEBNSF BIO DEB
Wood, MarceloK. Matthew Lattal (mPI)Mechanisms of maladaptive memory formation and suppression in a preclinical model of the comorbidity between PTSD and addictionNBBNIH NIDA R01 (with Oregon Health Sciences University)
Yassa, MichaelBruce McNaughton (mPI)Training Program in Learning and MemoryNBBNIH NIMH T32

FY 2018-2019 Awards

The School of Biological Sciences received the following new and renewal awards with start dates during FY 2018-2019.

PICo-Investigators or Fellowship RecipientTitleDepartmentSponsor
Blumberg, BruceGeneration Of Novel, Integrated and Internationally Harmonised Approaches for TestingDevCellEuropean Union
Blurton-Jones, MathewA Kinase-directed phenotypic screen of human microglial cellsNBBArray Biopharma Inc.
Boiko, AlexanderN/ATracing Tumor Heterogeneity in Squamous Cell CarcinomaMB&BUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Bowler, Peter A.UCI Arboretum and Herbarium (IRVC)EBBOrange County Community Fdn
Bowler, Peter A.N/ADigitization TCN: Collaborative Research: Capturing California’s Flowers: using digital images to investigate phenological change in a biodiversity hotspotEBBNSF BIO DBI
Campbell, DianeNorman Wickett (Chicago Botanic Garden), Warren Wagner (National Tropical Botanical Garden), Michael Moore (Oberlin College)Collaborative Research: Unlocking the evolutionary history of Schiedea (carnation family, Caryophyllaceae): rapid radiation of an endemic plant genus in the Hawaiian IslandsEEBNSF BIO DEB
Cho, KenInterplay of maternal transcription factors in endoderm specificationDevCellNSF
Cinquin, OlivierN/ACell-free DNA damage to detect tumors and DNA repair defectsDevCellUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Cotman, CarlMarcelo WoodEpigenetic suppression of histone methylation reverses age and AD-related cognitive declineNBBNIH NIA (RF1)
Cotman, CarlCalifornia Alzheimer’s Disease Center of UC IrvineNBBState of CA – H&W Public Health, Dept of (CDPH)
Fruman, DavidControl of B cell survival and transformation by the eIF4F translation initiation complexMB&BAmerican Society of Hematology
Fruman, DavidEffects of novel mTORC1-selective inhibitors on T cell functionMB&BNavitor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Gandhi, Sunil P.N/AInvestigating Circuit Mechanisms and Brain-wide Connectivity Deficits in a Mouse Model of AmblyopiaNBBKnights Templar Eye Fdn Inc
Gandhi, Sunil P.Ricardo Azevedo (Fellowship)Contributions of interhemispheric signaling to visual system processing and developmentNBBNIH NEI (F30)
Glabe, CharlesN/AConformational polymorphisms of amyloid in AD and immunological biomarkers and therapeuticsMB&BNIH NIA (R01)
Green, KimElizabeth SpangenbergRole of microglia in plaque homeostasis in ADNBBNIH NIA (F31)
Green, KimN/AMicroglia are necessary for cortical plaque formation in Alzheimer’s diseaseNBBNIH NIA (RF1)
Green, Michael T.N/AThermodynamic, Electronic, Structural, and Kinetic Characterizations of Cytochrome P450 Compounds I & IIMB&BNIH NIGMS (R01)
Inlay, MatthewN/AIdentifying the precursor to hematopoietic stem cells in the mouse embryo and improving its engraftment upon transplantationMB&BNIH NCI (R21)
Kong, MeiEric Hanse (Fellowship)A Tumor Suppressor Role for PP2A Via Inhibition of Wnt SignalingMB&BAmerican Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellowship
Lodoen, MelissaRegulation of Thrombosis During Vascular InfectionMB&BAmerican Heart Association
Lur, GyorgyN/AFeed-forward – feed-back integration in cognitive circuitsNBBWhitehall Foundation
Martiny, AdamNatalia Komarova, Francois Primeau, Simon LevinConvergence: RAISE: Linking the Adaptive Dynamics of Plankton with Emergent Global Ocean BiochemistryEEBNSF GEO OCE
Martiny, Jennifer B. H.Ana Elena Escalante Hernández (Instituto de Ecolígia, UNAM)Functional significance of microbial diversity in arid soils: biological soil crusts and Nitrogen fixation as study modelEEBUC MEXUS
Metherate, RajuN/ANicotinic enhancement of auditory-cognitive processingNBBNIH NIDCD (R01)
Nie, QingXing Dai, Maksim V. PlikusMultiscale Models of Wound Cell Plasticity for RegenerationDevCellNIH NIAMS (U01)
Nie, QingArthur Lander, John Lowengrub, Xing Dai, Jun AllardNSF-Simons Center for Multiscale Cell Fate ResearchDevCellNSF MPS DMS and Simons Foundation
Parsons, MichaelN/ACharacterizing the Role of Pancreatic Progenitors in RegenerationDevCellNIH NIDDK (R01)
Pedersen, IreneN/AmiR regulation of the neurovasculature function in health and diseaseMB&BNIH NINDS (R01)
Sato, BrianKimberly Tanner, Stanley Lo, Di Xu, Kameryn DenaroExamining the Roles of STEM Teaching Faculty in Advancing the Use of Evidence-based Teaching Practices at Research UniversitiesMB&BNSF EHR DUE
Suetterlin, ChristineN/ACentrosome abnormalities, Chlamydia and HPVDevCellUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Swarup, VivekN/AA functional genomics approach to identify neuronal and glial regulators of neurodegenerationNBBAmerican Federation Aging Research
Tenner, AndreaSeyed Ali MortazaviDefining the Mechanistic Link between C5aR1 signaling and cognitive loss in Alzheimer’s diseasesMB&BNIH NIA (R01)
Tenner, AndreaN/AModulating Polarization of Glial Cells in AD mouse models by a Complement Receptor AntagonistMB&BNIH NIA (R21)
Thompson, LeslieN/AAn hESC-derived hNSC Therapeutic for Huntington’s DiseaseNBBCalifornia Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Thompson, Leslie M.Peter J. DonovanTraining Program in Stem Cell Translational Medicine for Neurological DisordersNBB; Psychiatry and Human BehaviorNIH NINDS (T32)
Tinoco, RobertoN/ATargeting PSGL-1 inhibitory pathways to promote anti-tumor T cell immunityMB&BMelanoma Research Alliance
Tinoco, RobertoN/APSGL-1 mechanisms of T cell exhaustionMB&BNIH NIAID (R01)
Walsh, CraigN/ARegulation of T cell metabolism by DRAK2MB&BNIH NIAID (R01)
Wang, WenqiN/ANovel regulations of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathwayDevCellAmerican Cancer Society
Wang, WenqiN/AInvestigate the Hippo pathway in stress response and cancerDevCellUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Wodarz, DominikNatalia KomarovaHybrid deterministic-stochastic methodology for simulating spatial evolution in large populatioonsEEBNSF MPS DMS
Wunderlich, Zeba BN/AMechanisms of shadow enhancer robustness during developmentDevCellNIH NICHD (R01)
Yassa, MichaelWeiwei Zhang (PI)A Neurocognitive Mechanism for Precision of Visual Working Memory RepresentationsNBBNIH NIMH (R01; subcontract from UC Riverside)