Funding Opportunities

Internal Funding

Funding is available for BioSci faculty and researchers through various on-campus entities and from the School of Biological Sciences.

BioSci releases the following calls for proposals annually.


External Funding

To get grants, you need to know what opportunities are available. Information about funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are available at several locations.

  • Office of Research provides links to various resources.
  • has a Search Grants tab that lists the federal government’s open funding opportunities.
  • PIVOT is a funding database that lists open calls for proposals.

2020-2021 Awards (updated quarterly)

Wood, Marcelo N/A Training Program in Substance Use and Use Disorders NBB NIH NIDA T32
Frank, Steven N/A OPUS: CRS: Comparative life history of microbes EEB NSF BIO DBE
German, Donovan N/A Gut Microbes and Diet EEB American Physiological Society
Lander, Arthur Qing Nie Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology DevCell NIH NIBIB T32
Lur, Gyorgy N/A Cortical mechanisms of stress-induced cognitive impairment NBB NIH NIMH R01
Pratt, Jessica Rossella Santagata, Philip Collins Transfer to Teaching: Accelerated STEM Teacher Preparation from Community College to Credentialing EEB NSF EHR
Rodriguez-Verdugo, Alejandra N/A Connections Across Borders: microbial communities at the interface between ecology and evolution EEB Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

2019-2020 Awards (updated quarterly)

The School of Biological Sciences received the following new and renewal awards with start dates during FY 2019-2020.

Atwood, Scott N/A GLI activation in basal cell carcinoma DevCell American Cancer Society
Bardwell, Lee N/A Novel Links Between Wnt Signaling, Centrosomes, and Cancer DevCell UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Blurton-Jones, Mathew N/A MSCA-IF Global Fellowship NBB University G. D'annunzio
Campbell, Diane N/A LTREB: Evolutionary and demographic responses to climate in natural populations EEB NSF BIO DEB
Chrastil, Elizabeth N/A Cognitive graphs: The geometry of spatial knowledge NBB NSF SBE BCS
Colon-Perez, Luis N/A Longitudinal biophysical markers of neuroinflammation due to morphine self-administration NBB Brain and Behavior Research Foundation Young Investigator 2019
Edinger, Aimee N/A Enhancing oligonucleotide delivery to tumors and tissues by manipulating endolysosomal trafficking DevCell Ono Pharma Foundation
Fowler, Christie N/A Impact of THC on Extracellular Vesicle Signaling NBB NIH NIDA R01
Fruman, David N/A Preclinical optimization of statin/BH3 mimetic combinations in multiple myeloma MB&B Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Gandhi, Sunil Xiangmin Xu Reorganization of the Central Visual System by Inhibitory Neuron Transplantation NBB NIH NEI R01 (Supplement)
Gaut, Brandon Jonas Aguirre (Fellowship) Combining micro-evolutionary processes, local adaptation, genomic load and niche models to understand how populations and species of grapes (Vitis) will respond to climate change EEB UC Mexus Conacyt
Gershon, Paul N/A Molecular architecture of the Vaccinia virion by structural proteomics MB&B NIH NIGMS R01
Green, Kim Joshua Crapser (Fellowship) Investigating the Role of Microglia in Huntington's Disease NBB NIH NINDS F31
Grill, Joshua N/A Henry L. Guenther Foundation | Proposal NBB Henry L. Guenther Foundation
Hughes, Christopher Maike Sander (UCSD) A 3D vascularized islet biomimetic to model type 1 diabetes MB&B NIH NIDDK UG3
Kvon, Evgeny N/A Functional assessment of enhancer-gene interactions in vivo DevCell NIH NHGRI R00
LaFerla, Frank N/A The Alzheimers Disease Research Center at the University of California, Irvine NBB NIH NIA P30
Lane, Thomas N/A Defining mechanisms of disease and repair in a viral model of multiple sclerosis NBB NIH NINDS R35
Lodoen, Melissa Celia Goulding and Jennifer Martiny T32 for Training in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases MB&B NIH NIAID T32
Luo, Ray N/A Multi-scaled Modeling of Electrostatic and Polarization Effects in Biomolecules MB&B NIH NIGMS R35
Mahler, Stephen Mitchell Farrell (Fellowship) Ventral Pallidum GABA Circuits in Risky Decision Making NBB NIH NIDA F31
Martin, Rachel N/A Understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning the aggregation resistance of crystallin proteins in the human eye lens. MB&B Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Martiny, Adam Natalia Komarova, Francois Primeau, Simon Levin Convergence: RAISE: Linking the Adaptive Dynamics of Plankton with Emergent Global Ocean Biochemistry EEB NSF GEO OCE
McHenry, Matthew N/A Hydrodynamic sensing in schooling fish EEB Office of Naval Research
McNaughton, Bruce N/A A mouse model of cognitive reserve and its effects on memory related hippocampal coding dynamics in healthy and Azheimer's mice NBB NIH NIA R21
McNulty, Reginald N/A Macromolecular assemblies of transcription factors initiated by pathogen infection MB&B NIH NIAID K22
Messaoudi Powers, Ilhem N/A Mechanisms of increased susceptibility to pulmonary Nontuberculous Mycobacterial disease in the elderly MB&B NIH NIAID R01
Mooney, Kailen Lawrence Sack, Jeremy Beaulieu, Thomas Buckley Collaborative Research: The Critical of Diverse Leaf: Hairstyles: Integrative Quantification of Anatomy, Function and Ecology of Trichomes EEB NSF BIO (with UCLA)
Mortazavi, Seyed Barbara Wold (CalTech) Higher Precision Human and Mouse Transcriptomes DevCell NIH NHGRI UM1
Mota-Bravo, Luis Marlene De La Cruz and Marcelo Wood (mPI) MARC at the University of California, Irvine Dean's Office NIH NIGMS T34
Plikus, Maksim N/A Collective mechanism of hair regrowth during Alopecia Areata resolution DevCell National Alopecia Areata Foundation
Razorenova, Olga N/A Defining the metastasis-initiating cancer stem cells MB&B UC CA Breast Cancer Research Program
Ribbe, Marcus Yilin Hu Mechanistic Investigation of CO activation by Nitrogenase MB&B NSF MPS CHE
Sato, Brian N/A Building Community and Facilitating Active Learning in Online STEM Courses MB&B California Governor's Office of Planning and Research
Tenner, Andrea Nicole Schartz (fellowship) Mechanistic link between C5aR1 and cognitive loss in Alzheimer's disease MB&B Alzheimer's Association
Stark, Craig N/A Development of the mnemonic similarity task as a tool to address age and dementia-related memory decline NBB NIH NIA R01
Suetterlin, Christine German Andres-Enciso, Ming Tan Mechanism of RB-to-EB Conversion in Chlamydia DevCell NIH NIAID R01
Sun, Sha Olga Razorenova, Scott Atwood Downregulation of XIST in Ovarian Cancer and Its Mechanisms DevCell UC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Swarup, Vivek N/A Identification and Characterization of Genomic Regulators of the Growth State of Adult Neurons NBB Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Medical Research Foundation (with UCLA)
Thompson, Leslie N/A Donald A. King Summer Research Fellowship NBB Huntington's Disease Society of America
Treseder, Kathleen N/A OPUS: CRS: Trade-offs among fungal traits that influence responses to the environment and effects on ecosystems EEB NSF BIO DEB
Whiteson, Katrine N/A Sewage Surveillance to monitor COVID19 outbreak MB&B RGPO Emergency COVID-19 Research Seed Funding
Williams, Adrienne N/A The Expansion of the Southern California Regional Collaborative to Orange County California DevCell NSF (with UCLA)
Wunderlich, Zeba N/A Uncovering the regulatory DNA logic of the Drosophila innate immune response DevCell NSF BIO MCB
Yassa, Michael Bruce McNaughton (mPI) Training Program in Learning and Memory NBB NIH NIMH T32
Allison, Steve Michael Goulden, Adam Martiny, Jennifer Martiny, Kathleen Treseder, Eoin Brodie, and Ulas Karaoz Biogeochemical consequences of microbial evolution under drought EEB Department of Energy, Office of Science and Office of Basic Energy Sciences