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Internal Funding

Funding is available for BioSci faculty and researchers through various on-campus entities and from the School of Biological Sciences.

BioSci releases the following calls for proposals annually.

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External Funding

To get grants, you need to know what opportunities are available. Information about funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) are available at several locations.

  • Office of Research provides links to various resources.
  • has a Search Grants tab that lists the federal government’s open funding opportunities.
  • PIVOT is a funding database that lists open calls for proposals.
  • Research Bulletin is a BioSci email bulletin that has links to current and upcoming funding opportunities. To subscribe, sign up here. Submit details about seminars and other research-related events on campus here. Submit funding opportunity announcements here.


2022-2023 Awards (updated quarterly)

PICo-Investigators or Fellowship RecipientTitleDepartmentSponsor
Bracken, MatthewNSFGEO-NERC: Linking species traits to marine ecosystem functioningEEBNSF GEO OCE
Briscoe, AdrianaDang, AndyCharacterizing the molecular basis of red-green color vision in Heliconius butterflies using confocal microscopyEEBAmerican Microscopial Society
Chrastil, LizStarrett, MikeChallenging Classical Theories in Spatial Cognition: Contrasting Translator and Comparator Models of Human Retrosplenial FunctionNBBNIH NINDS F32
Cocco, MelanieNMR and biophysical studies of Hb with various compounds that affect polymerizationMBBGlobal Blood Therapeutics, Inc
Fowler, ChristieCannabidiol as a therapeutic approach for tobacco and nicotine cessationNBBUC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Fowler, ChristieTherapeutic development of GATC compounds for opioid addictionNBBGatc Health Corp
Fowler, ChristieInteraction of Stress and Nicotinic Receptor Allosteric Modulation in Nicotine Seeking and CessationNBBUC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Frostig, RonThe relationship between neuronal activity and strokeNBBNIH NINDS R01
Fruman, DavidEnhancing TKI therapy in Ph-like leukemiaMBBAlex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
Gandhi, SunilNakayama, TaylorThe role of Calbindin in developmental and transplant-reactivated cortical plasticityNBBNIH NEI F31
Gaut, BrandonMolecular Evolution of Plant GenomesEEBSociety for Molecular Biology and Evolution
Goulding, CeliaFunction of novel antibacterial toxinsMBBNIH NIGMS Multiple Campus Award (subcontract with UC Santa Barbara)
Grill, JoshuaRecruiting multiethnic populations to preclinical Alzheimers disease trialsNBBNIH NIA R21
Huxman, TravisGroundwater Dependent Ecosystems (GDE) Identification, Assessment and Monitoring ProgramEEBCalifornia Department of Water Resources (subcontract with Borrego Water District)
Kvon, EvgenyHollingsworth, EthanDeciphering Mechanisms of Limb Malformations Caused by Noncoding Variants In VivoDCBNIH NICHHD F30
Lane, ThomasGreen, KimNeuroimmunology Training Program at the University of California, IrvineNBBNIH NINDS T32
Lee, StarEvolving the culture of biology: Promoting graduate teaching assistant professional development to foster inclusion, efficacy, and evidence-based practicesDCBNSF EDU DUE (subcontract with Portland State University)
Lee, StarGAANN Graduate Fellowships for Training in Developmental and Cell BiologyDCBU.S. Department of Education GAANN
Long, AnthonyMacDonald, StuartA Resource for the Genetic Dissection of Complex TraitsEEBNIH OD R01 (subcontract with University of Kansas)
Loudon, CatherineUsing Entrapping Surfaces to Augment Non-chemical IPM Approaches to Bed Bug ControlEEBCalifornia Department of Pesticide Regulation
Lur, GyorgyFeedforward-feedback integration in the posterior parietal cortexNBBNIH NINDS R01
Ly, JoannePublic Education and Team-Based Advocacy/Engagement at/from UC IrvineGPS STEMResearch America
Mahler, StephenBaram, Tallie; Fowler, Christie; Swarup, VivekDynamic epigenomic landscape of opioid abuse following early-life adversityNBBNIH NIDA U01
Martiny, AdamGarcia, NathanCollaborative Research: Interactive physiological controls of trait expression, nutrient allocation, and the elemental stoichiometry of SynechococcusEEBNSF BIO IOS
McHenry, MatthewThe evolution of hydrodynamics, mechanics, & prey capture in the feeding of misfit fishEEBU.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation
Mota-Bravo, LuisBridges to the Doctorate Program at Cal State LABioSci Minority ProgramsNIH NIGMS T32 (subcontract with Cal State Los Angeles)
Nicholas, DequinaLipid Antigen Presentation as a Driver of T2D InflammationMBBNIH NIAID DP2
Razorenova, OlgaDefining the molecular mechanism for targeting oxidative phosphorylation in breast cancerMBBUC Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
Rodriguez Verdugo, AlejandraRole of ecological interactions on diversification of coexisting species in microbial communitiesEEBNSF BIO DEB
Schechtman-Drayman, EitanThe role of context in sleep-related memory reactivation in humansNBBNIH NIMH R00
Shi, XiaoyuDissemination of chemical-based super-resolution microscopyDCBSilicon Valley Community Foundation
Sumikawa, KatumiIdentifying a primary motivator of continued tobacco use in the schizophrenia populationNBBUC Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
Swarup, VivekFunctional Genomics Common Research ResourceNBBAdelson Medical Research Foundation (subcontract with UC Los Angeles)
Walsh, CraigPersonalized therapeutic cancer vaccines to effectively mobilize antitumor T-cell immunity in esophageal cancerMBBNIH NCI N43 sub with Immunotarget Therapeutics, Inc
Wang, WenqiWarrior, RahulInterplay of heavy metal homeostasis and cell growth-related signaling networksDCBNIH NIGMS R21
Whiteson, KatrineBacteriophages, antibiotics, and small-molecule adjuvants against antibiotic resistant Stenotrophomonas maltophiliaMBBCystic Fibrosis Foundation
Wood, MarceloChinn, CarleneGilz, an X-chromosome linked gene, as a possible molecular mechanism underlying fear memory processes and stress-induced relapse-like behavior.NBBHoward Hughes Medical Institute
Wood, MarceloDowning, TimothyDevelopment of an epigenetic clock that predicts age-impaired or age-unimpaired cognitive performanceNBBNIH NIA R21
Wood, MarceloGarcia, FranklinInvestigating the role of Crest, an epigenetic mechanism coordinator, in the adult and aging/AD brainNBBNIH NIA F32
Yassa, MichaelMander, BryceCircuit-specific tau burden and mechanisms of sleep-dependent memory processing in older adults at risk for Alzheimer's diseaseNBBNIH NIA R21